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4G data opportunities - Broadcasting

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 06-Dec-2018 14:13:26

According to a recent report by GSMA, the roll out of 4G and the adoption of smartphones has seen an explosion in consumers viewing mobile video content such as live TV, time-shifted TV, on-demand video and YouTube videos. 

The ability to access live content on the move is becoming increasingly important to mobile users, but streaming services have struggled with high volumes of traffic in the past.

4G mobile broadcasting solves this problem by delivering video in a consistent quality to myriads of users simultaneously.

TV tablet

Opportunities for the channel

Broadcasters are looking for cost-effective mobile data packages, easily managed within a portal, to avoid the hassle of contracting with multiple, global operators and bill shock.

Jola provides a wide range of 4G data packages including cost-effective multi-network roaming packages, controlled within Mobile Manager. Our multi-network SIMs roam to the strongest signal in each area and usage is monitored.

Mobile Manager

Our partners have access to Mobile Manager, a unique white label ordering and management portal for large estates of SIMs, anywhere in the world. Within Mobile Manager, partners can place new orders for SIMs from all the major networks, process activations, ceases, suspensions, SIM swaps and add bolt-ons. They can also run reports and set-up alerts.

If you have customers looking for cost-effective, data packages for TV camera packs and other 4G devices, request our partner pack below.

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