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Why sell Internet connectivity?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 29-Jul-2015 09:43:52

Why sell Internet connectivity?

Own the internet connection, own the customer

There is a growing realisation that IP has become the defacto communication standard and that the first company to sell connectivity into a business will retain that customer as they upgrade their connectivity and move into hosted applications. If you are a business selling to SMEs, connectivity is a great first product and a good platform to upsell additional support services from.


Diversify and grow your business

As telecommunications companies are starting to offer desktop support, IT support companies are thinking about offering connectivity and hosted telephony applications. Increasingly SMEs are looking to one trusted supplier for all their business communication requirements.

Get control and fix faults faster

How many times have customers called you with a fault on a service you didn’t supply and don't support? How long does it take to talk that customer through the proper channels to get a fix? How much easier is it to diagnose a fault when you have access to all the technologies affecting the fault? 

Free sales and marketing

With the right partner you don't need specialist sales and marketing staff or a big budget for marketing agencies, you get help to identify opportunities from within your customers and to generate new prospects.

Regular recurring revenues

Could you benefit from regular recurring income to smooth out lumpy revenues? Contract terms on connectivity range from 12 months to 60 months and, although hosted seats can usually be flexed up and down on a monthly basis, 36 agreement terms are common. You have the choice of billing the customer in your own name or receiving a 50/50 margin share commission.

Become an IP expert

You are expert on most other things IT, why not connectivity and cloud voice to your list? These products are all IP-based and usually an extension of your core products and skills anyway.

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The Jola team ran an ISP for over 15 years via a channel of telecommunications and IT support companies.

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